Using a Video Recorder Pen to Take Notes

We’ve all had those moments.

Teaching my first college class

The professor is scribbling on the board, his handwriting is melting together, and he’s talking faster than your fingers can fly across the keyboard to take notes. Twenty minutes later you walk out of class, realizing you didn’t have the time to write down all of the key points of his lecture, and chances are that some of that material will end up on your next exam.

You can’t rewind time. But you can record video. Recording a video of any class period allows you to play back all of your professor’s lecture, and slow it down to take all the notes you need, and make sure you understand every detail before the test.

So what’s the easiest way to take a video recording of a lecture or anything else you want to remember? What about with a pen? Revolutionary new technology allows you to take high-definition video with the same device you write your notes with. You have the ability to take written notes and record video lecture, all at the same time with a video recording pen.

To record anyone, you always need permission, but after getting the okay, you have the chance to take notes in a new and revolutionary way, allowing you to understand in-depth lectures at your own pace, and ensure that you understand all of the course material before you see it on an exam.

What is a video recording pen?

A video-recording pen is a small device, but it has the power to take high quality video, which can be played back on a computer, so you can relive any event, at any time, all taken with a camera so small it can fit into your pocket!

Don’t be left behind in a three-hundred person lecture, learn at your own pace with a video recording pen!