SpyPen.net Now Offering Free Shipping on All Orders

Announcing FREE Shipping on All Orders!

With the most advanced pen recorders on the market, spypen.net also is offering the convenience of FREE SHIPPING! At spypen.net we pride ourselves in bringing our customers the best tools possible to help capture their audio treasures. Offering four fantastic models, all of which on sale, the spypen is ready to be added to your gadget list today!

Our micro SD spy pen camera is our smallest, most affordable, and concealable item. Often with products the smaller they come the less they perform, this is by far not the case with the Micro. This product offers 35-50 minutes of record time.

Our 4GB product offers two hours of recording time, and twelve hours of standby which is plenty for even the most conservative spy to get their clues. With 4GB of storage this pen is six inches long and 3.8 ounces light.

The 8 GB pen offers just as long of a recording time, and many extra features then the 4GB. Besides the extra storage space, this product offers picture taking abilities, and comes with a USB cable for charging and data transfer, an 8GB micro SD card, and a micro SD to SD card adapter.

Our 16GB pen is also one of our best selling product. While doubling the 8GB in memory, the 16GB also has the best video and audio of the group. While it may be the most expensive, any first class spy would want this in their arsenal.

And remember all products ship free to your door in just a few days!