gold 4gb
gold 4gb

4GB Spy Pen Camera



Working ink pen
Captures videos and audio at 1280 x 960 resolution
4GB of storage
Battery last for around 1 hour
Available in Gold


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Product Description

The Ultimate Secret Weapon

It’s a scene out of a blockbuster thriller. A young, intrepid detective believes the town Sheriff is in cahoots with the mob, and masks a spy camera as a thoughtful present. If you’ve ever wondered what your friends and family are up to behind your back, the Spy Pen Camera may be just what you’re looking for! The Spy Pen Camera gives the ambitious user a glamorous yet useful tool. A fully charged pen camera could be innocuously placed on a friend’s desk, and immediately record up to one hour of audio and video. With a 1280×960 px video recording resolution, you can be assured that this pen is of very high quality.

If your deed of dubious morality takes more than an hour, the camera will shut down-but not before saving all recorded files. To recharge your pen, simply use the USB charger that accompanies the pen camera. Of course, once you have used the pen to your heart’s desire, you can write the tales of your adventures with your ink-filled pen! The pen camera can also record a great deal of activity; storing up to four gigabytes. Enjoy the use of this top-of-the-line product!

Product Details

– Tiny pin-hole camera hidden inside a working ball pen
– 4 gigabytes of storage
-Spy Pen can record audio, and video for an hour
– 1280×960 px video recording resolution
– The spy pen as a normal black ball point pen
– Built-in microphone records sound
– Looks and works just like a normal pen
-Rechargeable just plug into usb charger

Item Specifics

Weight – 3.9 ounes
Length – 6 inches
Memory – 4GB
Battery Life – 1+ hours of recording 12+ Standby

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