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New Updated 8GB Spy Pen In Stock

8gb spy pen newDo it seems that things tend to go missing when you are not in the presence of your items? Your roommates swear that they did not take the last soft drink or that they were not the one who use the last of the soap powder. How about have you ever wonder what do your friends think about you when you when you are not hanging out together. Do they really believe that you are the coolest person or is that is just something that they tell you? Do you wish that there was something you can use to capture the truth without having to worry if you will get caught? We have something that is perfect for you. We here at have created a better product that will meet your criteria. You will be able to see detail images, and have crisp sounds.

Are you ready for our newest update? Let us introduce you to our brand new functional ballpoint 8Gb Spy Pen. It is the perfect pen to use if you are trying to sneakily catch someone in the act of during something. All you have to do is use a click of a finger, and you can record up to two hours of high-definition videos with 1280 x 960 resolution. You will get excellent Hi-fi audio and can also capture high 3840 x 960 resolution photos. All you have to do is get the pen in the right position, and you will be an expert spy in no time.

The pen’s plug and play feature an easy to use USB connection to any Computer and play with an AVI file. This is also how the pen charge, and you will not have to wait too long to begin spying again because it charges as fast as 3 hours.The best thing about the new model is that is you will be 100 percent discrete because there is no blinking light that will give you away.

The Memory card slot supports between a 1GB to 32G micro SD card. This spy pen also comes in an additional two stylish colors. We offer the pen in silver or gold. You may think that something like this could be extremely costly because of the high resolution that we design in this pen.Well, this is your lucky day because that is the furthest thing from the truth. The best thing about this 8GB Spy Pen is the price. We do not believe that you should have to pay an expensive price for a cool spy pen. We are offering this spy pen to you for only $27.00. It does not get any better than that.

So if you are ready to some serious spy work, this is the pen for you. With the new update of a better video and picture quality to a greater audio quality, you can not go wrong with this pen. Of course you cannot forget the no blinking on this pen that help the pen camouflage with the ordinary pens. So why are you still waiting? Get one today and start spying.