Mini Spy Pens

Mini spy pens are very useful and even cute. They are smaller than regularly sized spy pens and they usually only hold about 4GB due to their small size. Larger spy pens hold about 8GB on average. Despite the smaller amount of gigabytes that they have they are still very useful.

The only difference between mini spy pens and regularly sized spy pens is the size of the pen and the amount of gigabytes that they have, and they can often be better than full sized spy pens for many people. This is because mini spy pens can be more useful to people, as they can more easily fit in your pocket, pencil box, or purse. They are very easy to travel with because of their small size and they are usually less expensive than larger spy pens because they are not as large and they don’t have as many gigabytes. Mini spy pens are a great choice for people who are not people to buy the most expensive spy pens. They might also be easier to conceal while you are slyly spying and trying to film or record someone or something.

Some people are worried about what will happen if their spy pen runs out of ink. Will you have to buy a brand new spy pen then? Luckily there is a way around that, you can always order more ink for your spy pen on the internet or else find some sold in stores. Spy pens do not require special ink and you can simply replace the ink as needed.

They have a built in microphone so that they can record audio in both audio recordings and video and mini spy pens can also take pictures. You can download your videos, pictures, and audio recordings to your computer by removing the built in flash memory from your pen and placing it in the USB plug, because they are compatible with a USB plug. Once on your computer you can listen, watch, and look at watch you have filmed and taken pictures of. It is a very easy device to use and you can also charge your spy pen battery via a USB port.