Holiday Gift Guide for Your Spy 2014

The holidays are here and quickly approaching, so now is the time for gifts. Buying gifts for friends and family is often difficult, but what better way to impress everybody than with the best spy gadgets. Ever wanted to be a spy or be as cool as one? Accessorize yourself with the proper gadgets that could make you feel like the next James Bond within a reasonable budget. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to achieve spy level, but you can impress others in a mysterious persona. Here are the top three gadgets every spy should own:

1. Spy Pen

It’s a simple design that makes the average pen pale in comparison to your spy pen. Easily found on in our store the spy pen never looked so spectacular. Ranging no more than $50, you’re offered 4 types of pens that vary in storage size and features to fit your secret missions. By a simple click, activate the built-in microphone and record the activities around you. The camera captures video and audio with high resolution. Obviously it’s more than a paperweight; it functions the same as a regular black ball point pen. A micro SD card is included with the spy pen and quick to recharge. With the gold trims, you’ll feel like a well-dressed professional with it tucked in your button-down shirt pocket.

2. Spy Glasses

Your eyewear does more than provide shade for your eyes. Rather costly in a few instances that can hit into the $300 range, these are affordable depending on where you shop. The spy glasses are quite stylish, from the thin frames to your standard sports eyewear. With a built-in, mini hidden camera that can record to HD or DVR, you get great resolution up to 1080p at 30fps. A few of them contain Bluetooth, such as the GSM Bluetooth spy glasses, and come with an earpiece for the complete set.

3. Spy Watch

Upgrade your watch to do more than tell time. Offered in HD, a select few can also record using night vision despite the cloak of darkness. Water-resistant to avoid some mishaps of water, but don’t stick in it completely underwater as it won’t work despite what the movies say. It records date and time stamps. Also, it can take pictures and video in high resolution. The battery life leaves much to be desired as they last approximately 2-3 hours max, so make your marks count if you’re undercover for a secret mission. The price for the watches varies from place to place yet it can be bought at reasonable prices.

With these gadgets, you will be the hidden star of the show as you will hear everything that’s going on without anyone knowing. Whether the gifts are for yourself or someone else, these are impossible to pass up and nobody would be the wiser for any mischief about to occur. Fun for any age, it pays to be a spy.