Spy Pen as a USB Drive

Question: Doe Spy Pens work as a USB Drive / Stick / Flash Drive Thingy?

Answer: Absolutely.  Every one of our spy pens can be used as an usb storage device. All you have to do is unscrew the pen and plug it in to a computer. It is really convenient to always have a usb drive on you and people think it is so cool to pull one out of your pen, even if they don’t know about the camera part just yet.

When they find out that you have secretly been recording them for the last hour and are about to watch the hilarious footage they will surely be more amazed.

Depending on the size of the spy pen you order you will have just that amount of storage. If you have a bunch of files on there already obviously you will have less room.

Every spy pen just has so many functions, as a video camera, audio recorder, pen, usb drive, and chick magnet if the user is male and if you’re a lady with a sp pen they have been known to attract Brad Pitt and Matt Damon type of guys if that’s alright.