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New Updated 8GB Spy Pen In Stock

Do it seems that things tend to go missing when you are not in the presence of your items? Your roommates swear that they did not take the last soft drink or that they were not the one who use the last of the soap powder. How about have you ever wonder what do your […]

Spy Pen Battery Life

When you’re looking to buy a spy pen, there are a number of factors that can influence your decision. For one, you might be driven by aesthetics to find a pen that just looks cool. You might also look at some of the factors that would influence your purchase of any pen. How it feels […]

Holiday Gift Guide for Your Spy 2014

The holidays are here and quickly approaching, so now is the time for gifts. Buying gifts for friends and family is often difficult, but what better way to impress everybody than with the best spy gadgets. Ever wanted to be a spy or be as cool as one? Accessorize yourself with the proper gadgets that […]

16GB Spy Pen Review

Our 16GB SpyPen’s are finally back in stock. After a few weeks waiting on the new order we are able to offer our largest capicity pen to our customers again of course with free shipping as well. If you really need to record hours of video and audio this is the pen for you because […]

Are Spy Pens Legal in the United States?

After purchasing or receiving a spy pen, it’s tempting to use it frequently, whether in classes at university to look over a lecture later, on the train ride home to record a passenger with a funny tick, or even in your home to record your neighbor’s dog running over your lawn. In the United States, […]

Don’t Buy Other Spy Pens for $100

I was on an international plane flight the other day which had duty free shopping on board. One of the products offered was an 8GB spy pen, just like the one we sell on this site. The worst was the man in front of me actually purchased one for $99! This happens every day over […] Now Offering Free Shipping on All Orders

Announcing FREE Shipping on All Orders! With the most advanced pen recorders on the market, also is offering the convenience of FREE SHIPPING! At we pride ourselves in bringing our customers the best tools possible to help capture their audio treasures. Offering four fantastic models, all of which on sale, the spypen is […]

Using a Video Recorder Pen to Take Notes

We’ve all had those moments. The professor is scribbling on the board, his handwriting is melting together, and he’s talking faster than your fingers can fly across the keyboard to take notes. Twenty minutes later you walk out of class, realizing you didn’t have the time to write down all of the key points of […]

4GB Spy Pen Review

The 4GB Spy Pen is becoming increasingly popular. Whether being used to record lectures, spy, or simply record videos – the spy pen completes the mission effectively. The price for such a pen is 30 dollars online. The pen includes a microphone, camera lens, pen and ink, and 4GB flash card. This tool is capable […]

HD Spy Pen Camera

There are numerous people these days who are choosing to take advantage of today’s technology. The HD spy pen camera has become widely known in the world today. This camera pen can help in many different situations including keeping an eye out while you are out of the house, office, car, or other locations. This […]