Buy a Spy Pen

Spy pens have a secret camera inside them so that you can film video or record sound with a causal everyday object that no one would expect to have a camera inside. To buy a spy pen its easy just click on the one you want and check out.

These pens can be used in many ways. It doesn’t have to be something sneaky that you want to film or record, it could just be an easy camera to use for something you quickly want to film. That is one reason why people love to have the ability to take videos on their cell phones, because you always have your cell phone with you and can just easily pull it out of your pocket or purse and quickly film with it. The same can be done with spy pens. If you buy a spy pen you will always have with you then it will be as convenient to use as a cell phone is, if not more convenient because you can more easily and quickly film with the spy pen.

Spy pens are very easy to operate, which is helpful when you are trying to discreetly and quietly turn your spy pen on to film something. It is also easy to transfer your videos onto your computer, through the UBS port, and alternatively you may also put the video onto a DVD so that you can watch your videos on your television instead. Anytime you buy a Spy pen it comes with a built in battery so that you just have to connect your pen to your computer, through the UBS port on your computer, in order to charge it.

The negative aspects to having a spy pen is that most will only hold around 8GB of video so you will have to be sure that you transfer your videos over to your computer or you might find when you pull it out to film or record something that you don’t have very much memory left on it. But when you buy a spy pen you choose the size of the memory card so make sure it is big enough. Or that the battery is dead and needs to be recharged. However, as long as you keep up with transferring your videos and recharging it your spy pen should be a cool long lasting gadget.