General Info About the 4GB Spy Pen Camera

The 4GB Spy Pen is becoming increasingly popular. Whether being used to record lectures, spy, or simply record videos – the spy pen completes the mission effectively. The average price for such a pen is about 30 to 40 dollars, online. The pen includes a microphone, camera lens, pen and ink, and 4GB flash drive. This tool is capable of recording videos and sound. Some variations of the product allow pictures to be taken, also.
Instructions and Usage:

The top of the pen includes the microphone, camera lens, and flash drive; the bottom of the pen contains the ink and the pen tip. The two portions screw together to form a secretive camera in the form of a pen. To utilize just the pen, you twist the bottom portion and the tip protrudes from the pen.

To utilize the video camera, there is a button on top (that appears to be the button used to operate the pen). The button is held for two seconds to activate the video. It begins recording automatically. To pause the video, the button is pressed a second time. A light on the reverse of the 4GB Spy Pen indicates usage. A blue light indicates recording, the orange light indicates standby, and no light means the video is off.

There is a switch at the tip of the flash drive that can be used to alternate between photo and video. To utilize photo mode simply hold down the top button for two seconds, then click again to take a picture.

Other Information:
Based on reviews, the 4GB Spy Pen has the capability to take two to four hours of video. The video resolution is 640×480 VGA and format is AVI. The video frame rate is 30fps. The picture format is JPG and is 8 M pixel. When the pen dies, the video is automatically saved. In addition, it can still function as a normal pen. Once completed with usage, the pen is accommodated by a wall charger. It can also be charged through a computer. Videos, pictures, and sounds can also be downloaded onto the computer through the 4GB flash drive. The 4GB Spy Pen’s size and design allow for it to be concealed and portable, creating a variety of uses.