8GB Spy Pen Common Questions

Do you like spy movies and related equipment? If you do, and if you dream to buy spying equipment some day, then a 8GB spy pen can be a good choice for you. This is a new model on the market and it helped a lot of people, thus it can help you too. If you are curious to know what is happening when you are not around, in your car, at home, in your office then this gadget will help you achieving the goal.

Spy equipments are very real, despite the numerous rumors that say the opposite. You can find this 8GB spy pen available for sale in numerous spy equipment stores near your location or online. Online spy equipment stores grow in popularity each day, and they have better prices and more items available for sale. The 8GB spy pen incorporates a microphone, DVR, a mini camera and the battery to power everything up. Obviously, you cannot write with it too many words, since the battery occupies most of the space.

Because of its small size, the pen can record video images without being noticed, thus it is a very smart spy item. For connectivity, the pen has a USB port, being very easy to connect it to a PC in order to transfer the recorded files. The spy pens have two different sections: the section with the hidden camera and the section that acts as a real pen.

The 8GB spy pen could record up to 10 hours of video, but you will be severely limited by the battery. Even if you have enough space for 10 hours, the battery won’t last for more that 3 hours for most pens. If you want it to record further, you need to recharge it or invent a way to charge it constantly. Of course, you could choose larger pens that have bigger batteries, able to power the camera for more that 3 hours.