8 GB Spy Pen Review

8GB Spy Pen The 8 GB Spy Pen is a good pen to use for any purpose, whether it is for spying, writing, or having a small, handy camera to carry around with you wherever you go. It is a good pen to use in order to multi-task.

An 8 GB Spy Pen is not very expensive, most are priced at around forty dollars, which is a fair price for the size of the built in flash memory. 8 GB is a good amount of memory, the largest amount that any Spy Pen has, and 8 GB should allow a lot of space for videos, audio recordings, and pictures. Once full it is very easy and fast to download all of your videos, audio recordings, and pictures, straight onto your computer using a USB port.

Some 8 GB Spy Pens record in HD video, which will provide you with beautifully clear videos. It is really astonishing that such a small little pen can take such high quality videos and pictures; you would not think something so small would be able to do that. The built in sound that this Spy Pen has is also excellent; you can clearly hear any audio recording or video that you record.

Although the quality of Spy Pens is great, there is one small downside to it. One of the downsides to the 8 GB Spy Pen is that the instructions can be difficult to understand. If you are savvy with technology you will probably not have very much trouble setting up your Spy Pen and taking videos but for other people it may take a little while to get used to operating it.

However, once you understand how to use it you will not regret buying it; it is well worth your forty dollars for its high quality videos. It is a lot of fun to be able to take videos with something so small and unsuspecting. Many people don’t know about Spy Pens so they would never suspect that you are able to take video, audio and pictures with a pen. The camera is well disguised too, so people are not able to notice it.