4GB Spy Pen

4gb spy pen camera
Product Details

– Tiny pin-hole camera hidden inside a working ball pen

– 4 giga-bites of storage

-Works as a 4GB USB Storage Drive to store anything you want

-Spy Pen can record audio, and video for hours

–  352×288 px (101,376 pixels) video recording resolution

– The spy pen as a normal black ball point pen

– Built-in microphone records sound

– Plugs right into your computer to play files

– Looks just like a normal pen

-Small lights to indicate if recording or on standby

– Lithium battery recharged by the included AC adapter or any powered USB port

-Rechargeable just plug into usb charger

-USA Wall and USB Chargers included


After charging press button once and wait for a yellow LED light which means you are in standby. Next press the button again and the light will turn blue which means you are recording. If you press the button again the light will turn yellow again and you will stop recording and return the spy pen to standby. To power off press and hold the top button.

Item Specifics

Weight – 3.9 ounes
Length – 6 inches
Memory – 4GB
Battery Life – 2+ hours of recording 12+ Standby