16GB Spy Pen

High-tech spy gadgets are quite real, and can be found not only in the movies with James Bond. You can use these super compact gadgets in your daily activities. One of these super sleek gadgets is the 16GB spy pen. It incorporates a mini camera, microphone, battery and a 16GB flash memory and is small enough to easily hide it anywhere you like.

When you first look at a 16GB spy pen, you will see a regular nice looking pen. But underneath the bonnet it hides a mini spy camera, built-in batteries, flash memory and a microphone.

You will be amazed to find out that this small pen is actually the smallest DVR available on the market. When it was designed, the people behind wanted to use it for law or media investigations. The pen can record both sounds and video images. The microphone incorporated is quite powerful and can record any sound around it, while the video camera can memorize any movement made. This pen can be really helpful because after you investigate a place, you can watch the recorded files where you can find new clues and hints. You can also use it as a flash memory to carry files from one location to another. Also, because of its USB connection, you can easily transfer files from and to it.

The pen can be used both as a fancy item and as a security device. You can start the recording process and leave it in your home to see what is happening around when you are not home. Also, no one will think that the fancy small pen can hold a high resolution camera in it.

This 16GB spy pen is very useful, because you may never know when a situation that needs to be recorded appears. Due to its low price, it is the best choice for those who love the James Bond gadgets.