16GB Spy Pen Review

Our 16GB SpyPen’s are finally back in stock. After a few weeks waiting on the new order we are able to offer our largest capicity pen to our customers again of course with free shipping as well. If you really need to record hours of video and audio this is the pen for you because you canrecord all day and not have to change memory cards. The pen also will work as a USB drive if you want to store files on it. Anyone who has grown up watching James Bond has gone around humming the theme song while making a pistol with his or her hands.  Thanks to the new 16GB Spy Pen, we can take our spy dreams to a whole new level.  This simple, one-click pen allows the user to record both video and audio and also take pictures in the most stealth way possible.  Some pens similar to this one will have a blinking on the pen while it is recording.  However, this pen has a no blink feature as it records allowing the secrecy to be taken to a whole new level.

16gb spy pen

Whether you are trying to be sneaky while recording an interview or you and some friends are a group of pranksters, this simple device is easy to use by anyone.  All it takes is one click.  Once the click has been made, the pen can record up to an hour of continuous recording before the battery dies and needs to be recharged.  The rechargeable battery just adds to this pen’s convenience.  It is simply a USB rechargeable battery and the USB cord is also used for the pen’s plug and play feature.  If you own either a Mac or a PC, the video can play back by plugging in the USB into the computer and immediately plays.  So the device won’t weigh in on the Mac and PC debate, it will just add positives to each side.

So what are some fun ways to enjoy this new spy gadget?  With sites such as YouTube and Vine, amateur comedic videos are a huge hit and the idea of a video going viral makes any amateur comedian’s eyes open wide.  Most people out in public won’t be fooled or prank if a handheld camera is recording their every move, but a spy pen will let them be fooled.  You could be out at the mall or in a restaurant, the convenience of the spy pen allows you to go anywhere with your pranks.  The pen can also be used for journalism as well.  Investigating report may be a thing of the past while spy reporting with this new pen takes over.  While this pen has the ability to record video and audio and take pictures, it also can function as a regular pen with ink and write.  So as the journalist is writing, he or she can also be recording video and audio with perfect stealth.

This pen is a spy gadget of the future.  It’s 16GB of space, long lasting battery, and complete covertness makes it one of a kind.  This is a pen James Bond would both want and demand in his gadget arsenal.  It does not have the ability to blow something up as James Bond would want, but it is the spy pen for the future.